Monday, 20 May 2013


A few days ago the Burlington Fibre Arts group played with Shiva Paint Sticks.  I had used them quite a while ago, and it was a nice refresher to take them out again.  We did lots of rubbings, but I liked using stencils the best.

The paint sticks were rubbed on an old styrofoam meat tray.  Stencil brushes rubbed into the colour pick up the paint, ready for transferring to fabric.

This was done using a commercial alphabet stencil.

Here, I used freezer paper cut out in letter shapes and ironed on to the base fabric.  A stencil brush filled with black paint was pounced over the freezer paper edge, then the freezer paper was peeled away creating the opposite effect from the piece above.

A circle stencil was used for this one.  I like the way it turned out - like floating bubbles.

"Lunar Eclipse" was created using the same stencil method.


  1. Really nice Judy. I love the way you hung the pieces. It really adds to the overall effect. I must give this a try.

  2. As an art teacher i love working with paints. i got some wooden stuff from and it was so damn good in quality.Anyway i cleared a doll house for my daughter , she was damn satisfied with it.