Tuesday, 7 May 2013


A few weeks ago the Burlington Fibre Arts group learned about Lutradur.  It's 100% polyester non-woven web - a cross between fabric and paper.  Jo was very kind enough to research the subject and prepare many examples of what could be done with it.  After a brief introduction, we were allowed to play.  I came home with the basics, but added to them over the past week.  Here's my sample book:

My name printed with Shiva paint sticks and stamp

Wool embellished into the Lutradur, mounted on velvet

Painted background, foiled, free-motion quilted

Painted Lutradur, cut in strips, then woven and stitched

Watered-down acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint, Sharpie marker, free-motion stitched

Painted and stamped, stitched charms

Painted with acrylics, stamped, foiled

Photo transfer on Lutradur, distressed with heat gun, free motion stitched

Painted with acrylics, melted Angelina fibres, machine-appliqued Shiva paint stick heart

Black acrylic paint, "hand" stamped (ha ha)

Orange and green acrylic paint, rubber stamped

Purple acrylic paint, black embossed leaves

Tree stencil, outlined with free-motion stitching; Shiva paint stick rubbing

Left-over strips from weaving, machine stitched to foundation

Ink-jet transfers using Golden medium, acrylic paint, distressed

When I paint, I make a mess and I use lots of paper towels.  After I clean up, I hang the paper towels to dry and try to use them in my art at a later date.  Here, I used them to back a couple of my Lutradur samples.

I felt that I could go on and on with stitching and embellishments of beads, wool, charms, but where do I stop?  After all, these are only samples.


  1. Judy this is great! What an amazing idea to do with your samples...
    Can you bring it the next time to Burlington so I can see it in person?

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