Monday, 29 September 2014


My sister issued a challenge to make some prayer flags.  She gave me five small (5x11") pieces of muslin with which to create.

I had heard of prayer flags before, but I really didn't know what they were all about so I had to do a little research.  Basically, they are banners of hope and peace.  These particular ones are made from scraps of fabric, representing the Tibetan prayer flags using the five elements - Earth (yellow), Water (green), Fire (red), Air/Cloud (white) and Sky/Space (blue).

The Challenge Was On!  I began by just painting each muslin scrap, using ordinary cheap acrylic paints.  When the background paint dried, I added a few stamps.






Then, I added a bit of stitching and some embellishments.






Next, they were strung together using gardening twine.

Now, they are ready to be hung outside to blow in the wind.

I can't wait to see my sister's creations.

Friday, 26 September 2014


It didn't seem so long ago that all my friends were getting married and having children.  Now, all my friends are retiring.  Where did the time go?

A good friend and work colleague is leaving at the end of the week.  She is our resident IT Tech.  We're having a pot-luck lunch to celebrate her retirement.  I wonder why I'm in charge of event planning all the time?  

I figured that a black and white theme would work well.

A quick stop to our local "Waste-Wise" proffered a used computer monitor ($2) and keyboards.  They didn't have to work.  I just wanted the monitor as a back drop for a retirement message.  The keys from the keyboards were popped off and hot glued to the monitor.  I had to add printed text as I ran out keyboard letters.

Some of the remaining keys were hot glued to the end of picks to be used in the cheese tray and such.

This vintage laptop from 1995 sports the blue screen of death and will be part of the table centre piece.

I made water bottle labels - This Chick is Retired,

and added "nutritionals", too.

The Happy Retirement wall banner was printed on white copy paper and glued to a black heavy weight stock.  I wanted to find a font that looked like computer keys and actually came up with a free download at Fontspace, DH Gentry.

Our retiree needed some gifts . . . . .

7-Up Lifting ways to start retirement.

Apropos t-shirt.

Back of t-shirt.

Of course, every girl needs a tote bag - Evangeline is always on her smart phone, texting someone - LOL.

The other side of the bag has texting acronyms from A-Z.

Evangeline is always loosing her keys, so I repurposed the "Enter" and "Home" keys from the computer keyboard into key chains.  

If there is a camera around, Evangeline will step right up and pose with a smile.  I went to the dollar store and picked up some picture frames and added her photo to each - a rogues gallery of one.

Since I love to bake, I'm made some brownies and lemon squares.  The squares are topped off with a QR Code from one of our companies products, printed using edible colour on sheets of fondant.

The cake is my interpretation of a computer screen.

And I ask myself why I don't get any quilting done!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I've wanted to work in a series for a while. This is the first of "Geometric Series", using simple strips of fabric and raw-edge fusible applique, then machine quilting.  Even though many different blues, greys and whites were used, it all came together by using black dividing strips and accent pieces.

Friday, 19 September 2014


It's that time again when the Group of Eight Fibre Artists make journal covers ready to donate to the local women's shelter.  I made a few earlier in the year, trying to get ahead of the game, but I had more ideas, so made a few extra.  They were made to fit over Dollar Store composition notebooks.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


While leafing through one of my monthly quilting rags, I came across a photo of a pillow with a chevron pattern.  I loved it and had to make a couple of my own.  Here they are sitting on my welcoming chair.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


I recently posted a picture of a quilt top work in progress. 

I've added a few more item to it using fusible web - buildings, silos, tractor, and rail fence posts.

Now I have to stitch the pieces in place and embellish the rail fence posts.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I've fallen in love with modern quilts.  Modern quilting is a fresh approach, embracing functionality, simplicity and minimalism, using asymmetric designs, often inspired by modern art and architecture.

I recently saw a quilt similar to this and fell in love with it.  I had to give it a go.  Seven different orange fabrics and a dozen greys, cut into 2.5" and 3.5" strips, sewn end to end, then strip pieced together - EASY!

This is the quilt top only.  I found the perfect backing, however there was not enough on the bolt, so had to place an order for more.  Don't know when it will be in, but I have plenty other things to keep me going until that time.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Three pieces of my work were chosen to be shown in the juried Fibre Content 2014 show, beginning Tuesday, September 9th, at the Art Gallery of Burlington.  

The venue at the AGB is inspiring and there are many restaurants, shops and lake side space in the area to enjoy.  

Plan to meet some of the artists on Sunday, September14th between 1:00pm and 3:30pm.  I'll be there.

Click here!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I've been renovating the bedroom and with that bought a new king-size bed (due to dogs).  You'd think that the the blue quilt under way would go on that new bed, but alas, it will hang on the wall (due to dogs).  A few years ago, while on a spa weekend, I stopped in a quilt shop and picked up some blue (my favourite colour) fabrics.  With the reno, I've been cleaning up and came across that pile of fabric still together.  I saw a picture of a quilt similar to this on Pinterest, and thought that it wouldn't be too hard to make.  I found that I didn't have enough of the original blues, so had to go shopping for more.  It had been a few years so none of the same was available, so now to find something similar.  It took a shop hop of 13 stores, but I managed.  The top is finally pieced.

The backing fabric (love it!) finally purchased.

Now I just have to find time to quilt it.