Friday, 29 August 2014


I spent my last Friday afternoon off "canning" or "preserving".  My nephews (bless their souls) harvested their garden and brought their aunt some beets and cucumbers.  Since I hadn't done this before, I had to search for recipes, then go shopping for items that I didn't have.  

Boiling the beets alone took almost an hour.  Then cool, rinse, peel and slice, make brine, then water bath.  

But, look at that red!!!!

Now onto the cucumbers - shred all seven of them, plus four large onions (made me cry), add spices, sugar, vinegar, boil, fill jars, then water bath.  While in the water bath one jar broke and I had to clean up a big mess and begin again.

My reward - lots of cucumber relish.

Next time, instead of making my own, I'm going on a road trip with my sister to my local market to pick up ready-made jars - way less work, cheaper, only buy the one jar that I need,  and I get to spend time with my sister.

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