Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Every year the Halton Hills Quilters' Guild President offers a challenge.  This year we were to take a button from within a bag and make a quilt based on that button.  I pulled out a pear shaped button.  

I came up with lots of ideas and discarded lots of ideas, but finally fell on using photos of actual pears, and thread stitching them into an art piece.  

I called upon my photographer sister to take some pictures that I could use.  I don't like eating pears so she had to go out and buy some pears on her own then set up the shoot.  Here's what she sent to me.

I guess she got hungry during the shoot.

I printed these pictures onto fabric using my desktop inkjet printer.  The pears were cut out and placed on a dark background.  Each pear was thread-stitched.  Painted, stitched and distressed Lutradur leaves were an added 3D embellishment.

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