Tuesday, 17 June 2014


My sister does a lot for me, so when she asked if I would reupholster some cushions for a friend I said yes.  Now keep in mind that even though I know how to sew, I gravitate towards quilting  and quilting arts and asking me to make cushions is like asking Van Gogh to paint your garage.  Well, it took a while, but I finally got them made - job done!  Then, my sister presents them to her friend (along with the left-over fabric), who is all happy and excited, but now wants some throw pillows to go with the cushions (why not use up that extra fabric).  Well, here's another job that I was not looking forward to doing.  My only request was that I was provided with pillow forms no larger than 16" square.  The left-over fabric was not wide enough to make a pillow any larger.  Of course I get six 20" pillow forms in return.  I know, what's the difference between 16 and 20 inches??????  Size does matter!!!!!!

While I was walking my dogs last week, I passed by a garage sale in the set-up (it was early in the morning).  I noticed a box of cushions.  Could it be?  They looked the right size (16").  I kept walking, but after I took the dogs home, went back out with measuring tape and cash in hand.  I measured the cushions and as luck would have it, they were 16" square.  There were eight of them with a price of 4/$10.00 on the box.  That was too much so I offered $10 for the lot and a deal was made.  

I rushed back home and started measuring the fabric thinking that I wouldn't have enough to cover all eight pillows, but I squeaked out enough to cover all of them. They will be presented to my sister's friend as a birthday gift.  I hope they will be appreciated.

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