Thursday, 10 January 2013


Oh, how I love making postcards.  They are the perfect size to try out a new technique or stitch.  I was encouraged to use, in any way, some of the "blue" items that were given to me as a thank-you gift.  Among the blue items was a small baggie containing make-up remover pads that had been dyed predominantly blue.  The pad layers could be peeled apart, revealing different colouring throughout each pad.  

I placed the pads on hand-dyed fabric backing and covered them with tulle.  Stitching was added around each pad and the extra tulle was cut away.  Each postcard was backed and bound with a close zig-zag.

The background fabric of this card was made using a rice flour resist and acrylic paint,

while the background of this card was made from part of a drop cloth.  A big blue button was added.

The background for this card was made from a scrap of screen printed organza.  The three buttons are really flattened beer bottle caps, punched with two holes for stitching.

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