Saturday, 12 January 2013


I love the colour blue.  I have lots of blue fabric stash, blue yarn, blue wool, blue beads, blue quilts - you get the idea.  After being given a basket full of blue "stuff", I was challenged to do something with it.  Each lunch hour I go for a walk and along the way find many objects.  I tend to pick up the odd piece of junk and put it in my pocket for later use.  Here, I've added both the blue "stuff" and green (repurposed) junk.

Pieces of blue strips were cut up and pieced at random, then quilted.  I then stitched a piece of picked-up junk to the centre of each square, then secured it with a cover of light tulle.  Each blue quiltlet was then tacked to the white backing.  Here is a close up of the first column of quiltlets.

Here is the second column.

And the third column.

I tried to use only materials that I had on hand.  Nothing was purchased to complete the project.  I wanted an old pipe to use as a hanging rod, but I couldn't find one long enough so I ended up using an old shower curtain rod instead.  

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