Saturday, 6 July 2013


It's almost time to think about making some more journal covers.  Each year the Group of Eight Fibre Artists donate journals, complete with covers, to a local women's shelter.  I'm getting a head start on them.

This cover is made from old plastic bags, cut up and melted together.  Take note that I added a bit of stitching.

These two were made from left-over half-triangle squares stitched together, then quilted.


  1. I love the melted bag note cover. I had a friend who used to make carry bags from melted plastic bags. She also used to weave plastic bags. We used to save to save the best coloured bags for her...
    What a great idea to make to make the note book covers!

  2. This is fab. I love the whole idea , evrything, as well as your designs are great. . Very nice.