Sunday, 7 July 2013


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to a 50th birthday party for a friend.  The party was a backyard affair and the only things to bring was a chair and whatever I was going to drink.  No gifts were expected.  Of course, I have an issue with that, because I always like to take a little something with me if I visit.  

Here is a look at the "50 BLOWS" gift that I put together.  I filled a fishbowl with gum balls, bubbly Perrier, Pepsi, and 7-Up,

then added a few skewers fitted with the various "needs" of an aging someone, a card, some blow horns, and a small bottle of Champagne.

This was all wrapped up in cellophane and tied off with a pretty bow!

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  1. This just has me in stitches laughing. I best not get to loud soon enough it will be here for me too.