Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I was having difficulty with my sewing machine while free-motion quilting.  I sandwiched a couple layers of white cotton fabric and Hobbs batting, threaded my machine with black thread and began stitching whatever path I chose.  I meandered all over, sometimes drawing and sometimes writing, all with stitch.  Eventually the machine tension was corrected and I ended up with a neat black and white piece. I thought it looked pretty neat, but then gave it to my sister to add a little colour.  Wow, what a difference a few colourful fabric markers make.

This one was just playing around with shapes using a black Sharpie pen on white fabric.  Some colour was added, and voila!

Now, what do do with them.  Any ideas????


  1. Time to start using all those beads you got last month! That and hand stitching...


  2. Fantastic Judy!! I'm so glad you've started blogging. I have to agree with Linda...beads...beads & more beads. lol. It's beautiful as is and really doesn't need anything. Beads would just take it over the top...but I'm a little bead crazy. Oh...what about dimentional paint to accent some of the areas? Or some glitter. Yep, I love sparkle.

  3. Love the results already. I think adding some beads as your friend Linda suggests is a great idea. 3 d embellishment would really add to it.