Friday, 3 August 2012

I thought that the summer would bring some relief to my ever filled quilting days.  I always have some project on the go.  One of the groups to which I belong is making journal covers for a local women's shelter.  The journal cover shown above was made from an orphan quilt block. 

This one was made using tiny quilted pillows sewn together, embroidered and embellished.


I had practiced machine quilting using black thread on white fabric.  After quilting, I painted the fabric using Inktense pencils and acrylics.  The piece wasn't large enough to cover the journal so I had to add an extra piece to the bottom.

A painted Tyvek envelope stitched to layered fabrics then melted with a heat gun yielded this piece.  It was then mounted on some felt and stitched into a book cover.


Doodles of flowers were coloured with fabric markers.  Scraps of fabric bits were stitched along the spine of the journal cover, then knotted.  

More doodles and Inktense pencils.  

We had lots of fun getting together and being inspired.  Maybe you'll get inspired too!

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