Saturday, 16 November 2013


The company for which I work is holding its "Holiday Party" this evening.  I do attend, but don't tend to dress up too much.  I found a new pair of pants at the back of my closet that will be perfect, however they need to be hemmed - that's why they were still in the closet.  I've been trying to get to it for a few days, but I seem to find other things I'd rather do.  Why spend my time hemming, when I can create!

This piece was actually made from a pattern - something that I don't usually do any more.  The base is made from machine-pieced cotton, over-layed with sheer fabrics and finally embellished and quilted.   The pattern is called Star of Wonder, from Another Creation From Mother Earth Studios, by Hilary Rice.

Here's a close up view.

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