Saturday, 19 October 2013


I've spent a good portion of my summer trying to get my act together without any luck.  My studio is in a mess! How can anyone work like this?  

Lots of this pile if for the HHQG quilt show.

This pile will hopefully go to the show as well.

This side of the room is never any better than this.

Even the design wall is getting covered

Christmas wrappings for last year - what the heck?

An added influx of donated fabric & buttons didn't help.

When does one have too much fabric and too many books?

Organized to take to the Member's Boutique.


  1. I can answer the fabric question : one NEVER has too much fabric. ;)

    What is the HHQC show?

  2. I know what you mean. I was at the Orangeville Quilt Show this past weekend and purchased even more fabric - just because it looked so luscious.
    The HHQG is the Halton Hills Quilters' Guild show. I donated and sold lots of stuff at the show.