Saturday, 22 June 2013


The week just keeps getting better and better.  

The Burlington Fibre Arts group (to which I belong) submitted "Rebecca Reaches Out" into the juried Tall Tales Exhibition.  A photo of Rebecca - an orange statue sitting on the Burlington Art Centre lot, and a photo of the Burlington Pier were superimposed onto one another.  The photo was enlarged and cut into 15 slices.  15 of the art group members created their slice using a medium of their choice.  The slices were felted, knitted, quilted, stitched.  Even paper was used.  The slices were mounted on a steel rod with steel washers dividing each slice - very industrial.  Out of 44 submissions, only 18 entries were chosen to be displayed.  Our group submission was one of the 18.  Not only was it chosen, it was given the "Juror's Choice" award!  Congratulations to all the artists that made this huge undertaking a success.  The Tall Tales Exhibition and 35th Anniversary of the Burlington Art Centre will take place between June 22nd and August 25, at the Burlington Art Centre, 1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON   L7S 1A9.

This is the slice that I submitted.  It was machine pieced, machine quilted and embellished with wool. 

Here are some close-ups:


  1. What an incredible piece! Congrats!!!

  2. It's so beautiful. Love the detail shots. I'd be interested to know the who the 15 people are? Do they blog?