Monday, 11 February 2013


I took last Friday off work because of a huge snow storm.  I travel quite a distance and didn't want to get stuck somewhere.  This is my back yard. This was a great day to get a quilt started - and finished.

A couple weeks ago I started a signature quilt for a friend at work that will be leaving Canada in a few weeks to go home to Germany.  I asked co-workers to sign 5.5" squares of fabric with  their farewell wishes.  It took a few weeks to have them returned, and here are a few.  

Since the quilt is for a guy, it was made using only 49 different shades of grey, representing the suits that he wore to work.   His shirts and ties (yes, these exact colours) were always colourful so a small square of green and purple was added to represent this part of him.  

Here is the finished quilt.

Finally, a stylized Maple Leaf label, representing Canada, was added to the back.    

The quilt will be presented during  a farewell party in the next couple weeks.  I hope our friend will get a kick out of reading all the comments and will be reminded of us when he is back home.

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  1. Very nice work. I really love the OMG WTF!! hahaha